About Sadguna Spices

Spice is the very soul and essence of India’s rich and varied culinary heritage. Multi-cultural influences, for example, by invaders like the Mughals and Europeans (Dutch and English) or by traders (Persia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Burma) have led to a fascinatingly evolved cuisine, which differs from region to region. Thus, the diversified spice palette keeps global attention riveted on Indian food.

At Sadguna, we keep this legacy of Indian spices at the core of our production and distribution values, in order to ensure stellar quality.

The spices, sourced from the best vendors and from their place of origin, are ground at low temperatures using Cryogenic technology in our state-of-the-art plant. The manufacturing plant, equipped with the most upgraded facilities, is fully automatic, right from drying, cleaning, grinding to packaging. We also adhere to stringent international hygiene & sanitary standards in our production process. The entire process has minimal manual intervention during drying, cleaning, grinding and processing of spices, in SS-304 germ free plant and automatic packaging in pouches and bottle line.

The spices have characteristic aroma and presence of volatile oils which is mostly obtained after grinding. However, grinding of spices generates heat which leads to loss of volatile oils and therefore the production of lower quality spice powders. At Sadguna, we overcome this by using two techniques for grinding of spices. They are “Low temperature grinding” and “Cryogenic grinding system”.

Core Values

1. Quality : We gives high importance to quality in all the all the aspects of product development right from procurement of raw material to preparation of finished product and utilise global accepted practices to deliver high quality product. The different aspects of adhering to maintain quality in the production of finished goods are as follows: -
(a) we procure top quality raw material.
(b) the raw material is grinded in SS-304 Food Grade Steel using low temperature grinding to facilitate Flavour lock and Colour Lock of Sadguna Products.
(c) the packing of the finished goods is done in fully automatic SS-304 Food Grade machine that makes the packaging superb, contactless. Thus the final product comes out in beautifully designed pouches which is leakage free with permissible deviation in grammage filled in the pouches.
Thus, Sadguna gives outstanding products in the market to deliver premium value to our customers.

2. Integrity : We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.

3. Teamwork : We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help our Company win.

4. Respect for People : We value our Employees and our Channel Partners, encourage their development and reward their performance.

5. Customer Satisfaction : We give superior product to our customers and make them feel that they have purchased the best quality product in the market. The customer feels the difference as Sadguna product are tasty, pure and does not give any burning sensation after eating it.

Value Proposition of Sadguna Masale

1. World Class Manufacturing : - The Sadguna Masale are manufactured in fully automatic manufacturing unit. The manufacturing unit is Man less & contactless as the unit is fully automatic in all the stages of grinding, blending & packaging. The grinding unit is made with non-corrosive SS-304 Food Grade Steel which is healthy & safe for our stomach. Thus, Sadguna Masale are 100% hygienic and highly suitable for customers in this pandemic situation.

2. Top Quality Raw Materials : - The Company procures raw spices from authentic sources to ensure top quality raw material to deliver quality product to our customers. The different varieties of raw materials are procured from following places.
(a) Cumin and Coriander – Unjha, Gujarat;
(b) Turmeric – Salem, Tamilnadu;
(c) Chilli- Guntur, Andhra Pradesh;
(d) Cardamon, Nutmeg and other spices – Cochin, Kerala.

3. Flavour & Aroma Intact (Superb Taste) : - The Sadguna Products are pre-roasted in Roasters and uses Flavour Lock Technology. The roasted product is then grinded in SS-304 Food Grade Steel at low temperature (5-8°C) to reduce the volatile loss. This helps in retaining the original aroma and the inherent volatile oil in the seed spices & thus retaining the original colour & flavour of the product. Thus, the aroma and flavour of the product opens up and gets locked.
At the time of cooking, when the product is mixed with vegetable/cuisine, the final cuisine gets ready in approximately 5 minutes time. In light of the above fact, one of the employees of company gave the slogan, 5 min Masale- “Samay ki Bachat, Swad Jabardast”

4. Colour Lock : - The raw materials of the Sadguna products are purchased directly from the farmers at their point of origin. After procurement the raw material are brought in strict supervision to the plant and then cleaned, roasted and grinded at low temperature to bring the origin colour of the spice.

5. The company has obtained – ISO 22000: 2018 certification along with Central FSSAI Certificate.

Our Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission :- Our mission is to remit quality and premium range of spices, which are non-toxic and sans any harmful chemicals.

Vision :- Our vision is to win trust of customers and be counted among India’s top spice brand.

Goals :- 1. Presence in Eastern India by end of 2021. 2. Presence in PAN India by end of 2022.
3. Presence in SAARC Countries by end of 2023. 4. Global Presence by end of 2024.

Krishna Kant Dubey

Krishna Kant Dubey is the Managing Director and CEO of PT Foods Private Ltd. Mr. Dubey is a techno-commercial professional & has a diversified industrial experience of over 27 years with premier Indian companies like Hindalco Industries Ltd, Vedanta Resources Plc, Sesa Goa Ltd, Madras Aluminium Company Ltd & Essel Mining & Industries Limited. Prior to joining this role, he was working as Senior Vice President and has strong track record in taking the business to great heights.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi. He is also a Certified SAP-PP Consultant by SAP-AG.

Founder's Journey so far ...

India is a poor country and many families can’t afford to visit restaurant due to their low income. However, like others, I also normally visit restaurants with my family and friends and observe many families spending huge money in restaurants.
It always honked in the mind that so much crowd in the restaurants are only due to presence of Spices in veg & non-veg cuisines that make them delicious.
Families spend hard-earned money just to enjoy the taste and many poor families can’t enjoy such taste due to their low income.
This gave me the food of thought to start a spice factory and return to the society a different type of masala which gets ready in 5 minutes with immense taste and purity.

Suman Dubey

Suman Dubey, the Director of PT Foods, has worked as a homemaker since the last two decades. An arts graduate, Ms Dubey used to assist her father in his Pharmaceutical business prior to her marriage. An efficient homemaker, she has an indepth understanding of spices, and the importance of aroma, flavour, purity and quality of the spice palette.

A quick learner and creative problem solver, her strengths are forging client relationships and direct interfaces with raw material vendors.

She manages the entire factory operations independently and believes in building a strong and happy team.