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Dear Channel Partner, The Sadguna Masale is top notch in quality and are prepared in FULLY AUTOMATIC MANLESS & CONTACTLESS WORLD CLASS INTEGRATED, NON-CORROSIVE SS-304 FOOD GRADE STEEL PLANT right from Grinding to Packaging. Thus the product is 100% hygienic and is healthy & safe for our "Stomach". The Sadguna Masale is half cooked in the Roaster and therefore cooks fast.
Taste – Samay Ki Bachat, Swad Jabardast; Flavour – Flavour Lock Technology & Aroma Intact; Colour – No deviation in Original colour (Grinding at low temperature & using Cryogenic technology).
You can also see some of the reviews of our customers in the below link.
If the aspiring channel partners feel like ordering samples to check quality then it will be charged at 20% discount with a flat courier charge basis PAN India. However, an amount ≤Rs 250/- will be reimbursed to those Channel Partners who finally associate with us.

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Product's name Price/Pcs(₹) Quantity
Black Pepper 50g 60
Chicken Masala Powder  8g 5
Chilli Powder  100g 40
Chilli Powder  50g 20
Chilli Powder  10g 5
Chilli Powder  200g 70
Coriander Powder  100g 27
Coriander Powder  50g 14
Coriander Powder  15g 5
Coriander Powder  200g 51
Cumin Powder  8g 5
Cumin Powder  50g 25
Garam Masala Powder  8g 5
Garlic Powder 50g 50
Ginger Powder 50g 60
Meat Masala Powder  8g 5
Onion Powder  50g 50
Sabji Mix Masala Powder  10g 5
Sabji Mix Masala Powder  100g 31
Sabji Mix Masala Powder  200g 60
Sabji Mix Masala Powder  400g 120
Turmeric Powder  400g 100
Turmeric Powder  200g 52
Turmeric Powder  100g 27
Turmeric Powder  50g 14
Turmeric Powder  15g 5